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photography of art, exhibits and monuments

If you own an art collection you would like to catalogue or show to the world, you have come to the right place. My experience working in museums may serve your purposes! Faithfully reproduced colours, NIMOZ (National Institute for Museums) standards and the highest quality of photos, all in a really reasonable time frame!
It is impossible to give a price on the website because the devil is in the details - call me or write to me and I will give you a specific quote.


NIMOZ (National Institute for Museums) standards

During digitizing, I apply the standards of the National Institute for Museums.


the highest quality of production...

I only use full-frame Canon cameras and professional lenses. Also those with optical perspective correction. I have a specialized macro lens with 5x magnification.


to choose


...and post-production

The post-production of materials I do using Apple hardware and Adobe software - world leaders in the photography industry.


always faithfully reproduced colors

Throughout the entire production and post-production process, I apply a colour control system based on x-rite hardware and software. The colours on your website, in publications or in large-format prints will always be faithfully reproduced.


I take photos at your place!

I come to you with a mobile studio, which significantly reduces costs, especially in the case of museum objects. At the end of the work, you will receive a VAT invoice.


I love my job

I am passionate about my work and that is why I always try to do it to the best of my ability, and I can do a lot. Since 2005, I have photographed tens of thousands of objects in museums and private collections throughout Poland.

how does it work?


Write to about what you need to photograph. To speed up the valuation, it is worth providing the number of items and the size of the largest and smallest of them.


You will usually receive a quote within a few hours, or the next day at the latest. If you like the conditions, we will arrange a date and details of the session.


I come with my mobile studio and work. Since we often deal with works of art of high value or even priceless ones, it is worth delegating an employee who will take care of the entrusted artefacts. However, this is not obligatory - I know how to handle exhibits and I take responsibility for the items entrusted to me.


I usually do post-production, i.e. the equivalent of old work in the darkroom, along with the photo session. However, if there is little time during production or more time is needed at the computer (e.g. I can remove the background from photographed objects), I "take the work home." But I always remember that time is money!


Waiting for the end result varies. If production and post-production take place at the same time, you will receive digital versions of the files immediately on the day of the session (on a server, disc, pendrive - whatever is more convenient for you). If you order a book or album, you usually have to wait 3-5 days. It all depends on your needs!

see sample works

Click on the selected project and go to my portfolio, where you will see more projects!

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