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Invest in fine art!

Contemporary artistic photography sometimes escapes us in the multitude of images that bombard us from every direction. This happens not only on the Internet. Also, ubiquitous advertising uses images, often very attractive ones. However, it is not what gives us solace, the pleasure of communing with beauty or triggers other, often violent and not necessarily only pleasant, emotions.
A real, original print gives us just this and much more. It is a unique (limited, marked with series numbers) work of visual art. In addition to the pleasure of dealing with it, it gives us collector's prestige and sometimes even becomes a good financial investment. Did anyone buy a Rembrandt painting during their lifetime and count on something more than a "nice object"?

I make silver prints myself in a photographic darkroom on baryta paper and prints in the highest, so-called archival, quality. I use professional Ilford, Hannemüle, Fujifilm and Canon papers.
It is possible to print some works on display materials such as plexiglass, PVC foam, aluminium and others. Search in the descriptions of individual photos. If you have another idea or you like my photo that is not in the store, write to me. Maybe your dream will come true?

And if you are buying it as a gift and can't decide - buy the Art of Photography eGift Card!


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